Monday, July 27, 2015

Best [FREE] Downloader (YouTube & Instagram)

4K Video Downloader
If you wan to download video from youtube, 4K Video Downloader is your only choice. Forget about those pulgin from firefox or chrome which only works for few months or days. Beside that the more plugin you have with your browser, the more resource it hunger (CPU & RAM) as it will slow down your PC. Btw, it doesn't just support YouTube site, its support Facebook and Vimeo video downloading too.

You can download different resolution video and format using 4K Video Downloader. It even show you the approx file size so you can control your data usage on download for those with limited data plan and also storage space.

Beside that you can download the subtitles together with the movie. Downloading is quite simple, just copy the video link from your browser and click 'Paste Url'. It wont auto detect, means theres no background monitor function, some of you might prefer that, but no me on my slow old PC. 

Although it state no toolbars, no adware and no malware, but there's a "own site" advertisement show below every time you start the program. But now you can get a free licence key which remove these ads by writting a review blog, see link below:

Another issue I dont really like, its quite resource hunger, it took about 20~30sc for the program to run. And when it run, you can definitely feel the PC slow down. Maybe my PC spec is just not the high-end type. And when it start download, it will draw almost all the bandwidth which make your browsing very very slow. It can be temp fix by setting the preference by only allow ONE download job (1 thread).

download 4K Video Downloader below: 

4K YouTube to MP3
Their alternate software which I found useful, it does what as it name Youtube -> MP3, it works just the same way as 4K Video Downloader. Although this can be done by many online sites, but most with a limitation on length and some no longer works.

Click below for the download link:

4K Stogram
A software to download and backup Instagram photos and videos with just a click.

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