Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Top News

01 CN, Shanghai New Year's Eve stampede kills 35
     WORLD, I'm Charlie  #JeSuisCharlie

04 TW, TransAsia Airways Flight GE235 crash into river
10 MY, Anwar guilty of sodomy
25 WORLD, The Color of an ugly dress taken by lousy camera

04 IN, Turkish Airlines A330 Skids Off Runway in Kathmandu
06 USA, Delta 1086 Plane Skids Off Runway at LaGuardia Airport
20 MY, Berjaya Times Square Theme park (Space Attack) accident (BTS FB page)
21 地磁暴的強度達到了僅次於最強的G4級!極光指數也達到了Kp 8.9的強度!
23 SG, Singapore's founding father Lee Kuan Yew dies at 91
24 FR, GermanWings Airbus A320 flight 4U 9525 crashes in French Alps - no survivors [update]

25 Nepal 7.8m earth quake
27 Violence erupts in Baltimore after funeral

12 Hundreds of Bangladeshi, Rohingya refugees arrive in Malaysia and Indonesia [UPDATE]
15 Luxembourg, PM first EU leader to marry same-sex partner
25 MY, 马来西亚于接壤泰国边境找到139个乱葬岗 [BBC English]
27 SG, Singapore Airlines SQ836 losing power in both engines on 13,000feet in the air
31 UK, 英國足球超級聯賽的3名球員驚傳性醜聞,且該性愛影片外流。

01 VN, Eastern Star (passenger ship) went down during a storm in Yangtze [update]
02 MY, Group of 10 tourists stripped naked for photographs at the peak of Mount Kinabalu
06 MY, Sabah Earth Quake [Angry Mountain Spirits]
08 KR, South Korea MERS outbreak
15 Thailand confirms its first case of MERS
27 USA, The US Supreme Court has ruled that same-sex marriage is a legal right across the US.
     Taiwan, 八仙樂園彩虹派對粉塵爆炸

01 ID, Military Plane C-130 (Hercules) crash in Medan
11 MY, Low Yat stealing gone viral and racially
30 MY, Zahid the new deputy pm

12 MY, Ringgit falls below 4 per US dollar for first time since 1998
14 CN, 天津倉庫驚天爆死傷慘重,損失難以估計。[VIDEO]
16 ID, ATR42-300 twin turboprop plane crash
17 TH, Bangkok Bomb, 5Malaysian death
18 MY, Panda Liang Liang gives birth
30 MY, Bersih 4.0

01 INTERNET, Google's look,evoled
08 2018 World Cup and 2019 Asian Cup joint qualifiers, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia abandoned
11 Construction crane has fallen at the Haram in Makkah
16 Meaningless Kotor / Dirty rally
     MY, Prosecutor Kevin Morais found dead in oil drum
     TH, Pataya Flood

05 CN, Yuntaishan glass bridge @Shiniuizhai National Geological Park crack
18 PH, Philippines battered as Typhoon Koppu barrels in
19 Colombia, Bogota, A light aircraft has crashed into a residential area
20 Typhoid Outbreak
29 USA, Florida Plane catches fire on runway at Fort Lauderdale airport
31 Egypt, Russia Airbus A321 goes down

13 FR, Paris suicide bombings and shooting

20 TH, Chiang Mai bus crash
20 WORLD, Miss Universe 2015 final humiliating shock

Star Wars:The Force Awaken earned a filem record $517m in ticket sales

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