Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Happy Braving New Year 2016

Many Malaysians will be looking for any measly jobs to do to make ends meet as costs of living rise.

When the new year brings only bad news

source: http://www.theheatmalaysia.com/Main/When-the-new-year-brings-only-bad-news
By Zakiah Koya

There are two days more to usher in the new year 2016 but it looks like the celebration this time round would be dismal, except maybe on the government’s front.

In fact, some banners have been put up by certain parties wishing the public “Selamat Menempuh Tahun Baru 2016” (Happy Braving New Year 2016) instead of “Happy Celebrating New Year”.

The reason being that not only prices of goods and services will become higher but also taxed more, as well as some of us will be losing jobs as companies which cannot cope with the rising prices will close down.

On top of that, as prices rise, tuition fees, kindergarten fees, school fees and all other expenses too will increase, forcing the people to tighten their belts further and look for any other way to increase their income.

Savings will definitely have to be lowered as whatever payments that need to be made will be deferred as long as possible. There will also definitely be more applications and usage of credit cards, and it will not be surprising if there are more bankruptcy cases.

With a government which does not seem to even bat an eyelid over the people’s problems and pleas for help, the people seem to be clutching at straws as they brave the new year.

Perhaps the government’s ‘concern’ is echoed in the statement by International Trade and Industry deputy minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan which asked the people to get two jobs to enable them to survive the high cost of living.

Not only did he ask them to get two jobs, he even specified that one of it should be an online job and that he and many other politicians too are holding two jobs or more.

Not one top-ranked government official has come out to condemn Ahmad Maslan’s insensitive statement. Instead, Ahmad Maslan had even boldly defended himself.

"I have three jobs: Member of Parliament, deputy minister, Umno information chief. Many in Malaysia are already holding two jobs #2Kerja. Work hard for halal income,” he tweeted shamelessly.

He probably is not even thinking of the man or woman who sells nasi lemak in the morning and works as guard in the night to put the simplest of food on the table for their children.

Perhaps he forgets how millions eke out a living with the adage “kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang” which means “what is gotten in the morning is for breakfast, and what is gotten in the evening is for dinner”.

He probably does not realise how hard his servants, drivers, gardeners and his workers are slogging day and night, losing sleep over what will happen if they fall sick for even one day.

Thus, it is with a heavy heart that many Malaysians would be ushering in the new year.

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