Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 TOP News

12 Venezuela, protest becomes violent

20 Ukraine, protests take violent turn

01 China, XinJiang group knife attack

08 Malaysia, missing flight MH370

30 China, XinJiang deadly bombing

21 Taiwan, Taipei subway killer

08 Brazil, World Cup lost to Gemany 7-1

17 Ukraine, MH17 shot down by missile launcher
[Statement - Malaysia Airlines]

23 Taiwan, Flight 222 (GE222/TNA222) crash

24 Mali, Air Algerie AH5017 crash

** The Idiotic act of Ice Bucket Challenge gone viral 

01 Ebola virus outbreak 

Taiwan, 高雄爆炸 [photos]

10 Iran, Sepahan Air 140 crash


28 China, HK 人坐滿旺角與銅鑼灣; Instagram blocked in China

02 RON95 price increase RM0.20 (RM2.30/litre) while the world oil price drop in Malaysia

01 No more RON95 petrol, diesel subsidies for a Petroleum export country, Malaysia.
Price drop for RON95 -4sen (RM2.26/litre), RON97 -9sen(RM2.46/litre)

08 韓國大韓航空副社長趙顯娥,一包果仁大鬧航班。
[update 16th] 韓航遭停飛罰453萬

11 強國男女大闹亚航,致航班晚点
[update 13th] 受辱空姐赔偿了事 (5万泰铢),与此同时,被罚款200泰铢。

Poisonous Guayule 有毒草银胶菊 in house range, can be fined RM10,000!
如何辨认银胶菊 Parthenium Hysterophorus

12 國際油價跌破60美元


15 Australia, Sydney siege: Hostages held in Lindt cafe
[update 16th] 3死4伤(包括枪手莫尼斯)


Moscow lifts interest rate to 17%

26 Malaysia flooding worsen

27 AirAsia QZ8501 Indonesia plane 'at bottom of sea'

30 AirAsia FD3254 turned back due to an "irregularity" in the storage compartment detected in Thailand. And AirAsia Z2272 overshot the runway at Kalibo airport in Boracay island
Shaheen Air Boeing 737-400 operating from Karachi to Lahore veered off the runway after landing on Tuesday. The hard landing caused both of the aircraft's center landing gears to collapse.

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