Thursday, December 18, 2014

here again Chinese tourist

Not again! Chinese passengers in scuffle on flight to HK

Just days after an incident where a ‪#‎Chinese‬ passenger onboard a ‪#‎Thai‬ AirAsia flight assaulted a crew member, it seems that there has been another violent act involving Chinese passengers onboard an aircraft.

Apparently a scuffle broke out between passengers onboard flight CA433 from Chongqing to ‪#‎HongKong‬ on Wednesday.

It started as a simple quarrel after two female passengers complained that a child sitting behind them was making far too much noise. The child’s family argued that the ladies had pushed their seatbacks far too much and that was causing the child discomfort.

According to a report in the Chongqing Morning Post, the argument continued to escalate to the point that the crew even considered turning the plane around.

However, fortunately for the rest of the passengers, the flight made its way to Hong Kong safely, where the police began an investigation as soon as the flight landed.

For obvious reasons, the story has created quite a stir on social media in China. Here are some of the comments being shared on Sina Weibo, China’s largest social media platform.

“People who can’t control their kids…VS… people without any empathy.” @beijingbianjian

“Please tell the parents who can’t stop their kids from crying and shouting in public places not to take their kids outside… Morality is based on controlling your own business first.” @letianxiaoxiongbinggan

“I seriously suggest that there should be a blacklist for these passengers, and a system of personal credits. People who do not obey public order and affect others should be punished accordingly. ” @zuojiajianyishengwangli

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