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Pig DNA in Our Foods


Malaysian Muslims are in a huge uproar over pig DNA that was detected in two varieties of Cadbury’s chocolate bars (read more). Fingers are pointing everywhere - JAKIM (the halal certification agency), the Health Ministry, and of course, Cadbury themselves. (What, nobody accusing saboteurs?) Some Muslims even want their stomachs pumped or are demanding that Cadbury pay for their blood transfusions. Quothe Ms. Sabariah Abdullah from the Allied Coordinating Committee of Islamic NGOs, which represents 18 major Islamic NGOs in Malaysia, “We are what we eat. [As a result of consuming pig DNA], our faces will also look like pigs. Psychologically, we will also become like pigs.” Now, everyone knows that is ridiculous. Pigs are very intelligent.

Nevertheless, if Miss Sabariah and her ilk are still seeking a remedy, I recommend they try this:

Why get your knickers in a twist over such a small matter, really? Yes, a very small matter! Cos you have all been consuming pig DNA your entire lives, and all the products are approved and recommended by Jakim and the Healthy Ministry. So why are you suddenly so upset now?

Here are four things containing pig DNA that you have been consuming since before you were even born: 


Oh yes, you did! You gave your baby pig DNA on the first day of its life. What, you didn’t know what you paid for? Well, that just goes to show what an astute consumer you are. It’s clearly listed on the box.

Vaccines contain four kinds of pig products:

  1. The culture. Viruses, like all living things, need food to survive. They are parasites that cannot forage for their own food, so they have to live off their hosts. Some viruses survive better in chicken eggs, some on sup tulang (bovine serum), some prefer exotic monkeys (vero cells), and some like good ol’ pork soup (porcine serum). Yep, viruses also like bakuteh! It’s a universal favourite! And then all that is put into the needle because there is no way to isolate the virus from the soup. I’ll explain in a minute why it’s ok to drink pork soup but not ok to inject pork soup, regardless of whether you are a Muslim, Jew or atheist. Oh, and what about bovine serum? Was the cow, calf or foetus killed in a halal manner? What about the pig? Was it slaughtered in a halal manner too? Things to think about... There are no half-measures.
  2. Pig cells. Viruses are unable to reproduce by themselves. They have to hijack a host animal’s cells and use its DNA-replicating mechanism to replicate themselves. Since no human has volunteered to be locked up in a lab for the rest of their lives so that they can be jabbed every day, and because no living thing makes a good host because their immune system would kill the viruses in a few days, any replication of viruses must be done in a petri dish, outside of the body and away from the immune system. Different viruses fare better in different animals, and one of the animals used is the pig. (Side note: Scientists are unable to create vaccines for some viruses because they cannot survive in any animal other than humans.) The pig’s cells are isolated and cultured in the lab, then infected with viruses which then hijack the cells to create more viruses. Doctors then buy these viruses and sell them to healthy people who are looking to get sick (cari sakit).
  3. Pork gelatin. Gelatin is added to most vaccines. Gelatin in vaccines are derived from pigs, unless otherwise specified.
  4. Pig viruses. Technically, this is not pig since it is a virus, not a pig. But, since it came from a pig.... Now, most Muslims would say that pig faeces is haram, but faeces is not really pig, although it came from one. What about viruses that came from a pig (“of porcine origin”) but is not a pig - so, is it halal or not? Pig viruses like the porcine circovirus (which contaminated the Rotarix diarrhoea vaccine) and swine flu virus (engineered by Roche to reduce the population of stupids and renamed H1N1 so as not to lose Muslim customers) are not pigs, although they did come from the bowels and blood of a pig. Well then, I shall leave the holy and shmoly to decide for you whether you are going to heaven or hell.

To those who fed your kids Cadbury and are now jumping up and down and demanding a blood transfusion or dialysis, please don’t subject your kids (and the rest of the world) to your moronism because once food reaches your stomach, your stomach acid will break it down into amino acids, lipids, sugar, water, etc. - no DNA enters your bloodstream because that would create all kinds of havoc. But vaccines - now, these pig DNAs are injected whole and directly into your bloodstream. And not just DNA, because when you inject serum from a pig, you inject whatever else may be in there, like unidentified viruses. That was how the rotavirus vaccine was contaminated by pig viruses (and how the polio vaccine was contaminated in the 1960’s by the AIDS virus from African monkeys, which was not identified until 10+ years later). Injecting pig DNA, pig serum and pig gelatin is wayyy worse than eating all that because there is nothing in your blood to digest or break down foreign matter. (That is why 90% of your immune system is in your gut, not your blood - because most viruses enter through your mouth, not your arm.) Plus, everything in the vaccine is coated with vegetable oil (usually peanut or wheatgerm oil, causing peanut and wheat allergies when your body creates immunity to these foreign matters) as a sort of timed-release mechanism in order to slow down its deterioration once out of the bottle and in your bloodstream. Remember, things cannot be digested in your bloodstream, they can only degrade - meaning break down into smaller pieces, but never be reduced into its basic materials like in your stomach. So all that pig DNA you injected? They swirled around in your blood for a loooong time. Much longer than it took for the one you ate to go down the toilet - and even then, that DNA never entered your blood. Now go sue the Health Ministry and ask them to pay for you and your kids to get a full-body and brain transplant! Good luck finding a donor who has never injected pigs before though.

See the complete list of ingredients for all vaccines. Anything that says ‘human cells’ means it came from an aborted human foetus - another ingredient that Jakim has certified halal. Anything for money!!!

Cigarette Filters

Pig haemoglobin (a component in red blood cells) is used to make cigarette filters “more effective in blocking harmful chemicals before they enter the smoker’s lungs.” (Source)

Admit it - you’ve been consuming smoked pork and subjecting your children to second-hand smoked pork for years. We all know char siew is delicious, and so do you.

And who approved this for your consumption? The Health Ministry has stamped their stamp of approval very clearly on all the boxes, no? You know whom to sue. Besides, doesn’t the Quran say that it is haram to knowingly consume anything that is harmful to the body? So don’t forget to sue yourselves too, and the smoker in your family. Now you need a lung, brain, liver, kidney, tongue, mouth and nose transplant. Oh, you might as well go the whole hog and transplant your entire body cos it’s all contaminated anyway, and not just by pig cells. Surely you can’t get into heaven after knowingly pumping your body full of 5,000 toxic chemicals 40 times a day, every day for years and years! Nobody wants you and your stinky breath there.

Drinking Water

In Malaysia, drinking water is sourced from water catchment areas far away from civilisation, where the surrounding land is still covered in thick forests.... full of wild boars!

So wild boar poos and pees on the soil, rain washes poo and pee into the river, and voila, it’s all in your tap water! When the boar dies, its body decomposes and its meat, blood and juices are washed into the river too. So everybody consumes pig DNA every day, and you’ve been doing it since the day you were conceived. If you don’t like it, you’d just have to move to another country cos pigs were here first.


In 2005, orange crops in the US were decimated by a disease spread by insects (read more). No amount of pesticides did any good, neither were there any trees which had developed any natural immunity to it. The solution? Genetic modification - adding pig genes into the tree. I don’t know what defence pigs have against orange-eating insects, but whatevs, now pigs can grow on trees, yeeha! What, you don’t want to consume GMO foods? But you already are! And have been for ages. You probably don’t know it because it’s not listed on the ingredients. Ha, our trusty govt has made sure of that! Malaysia has been importing tonnes of GMO soy and corn since 2010, which means that it is in almost every processed food you eat now. (GMO means any food or plant that contains genes from a different species that can never occur in nature.)

Well, I guess if the Health Ministry says it’s ok to eat, then it must be, right? After all, they are the ones who approved the sale of cigarettes to protect your health. Yeah, something like that. So I guess oranges with pig DNA must also be good for you. (We do not have GMO oranges here yet, but it’s just a matter of time.) The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has time and again deferred the labelling of GMO foods, so that you would not know what you are eating. Gee, I wonder what they’re trying to hide.... I guess if food were labelled clearly like vaccines, everyone would stop eating processed food and it would make a big dent in their cronies’ pockets, so your ignorance is their bliss.... So just shut up and drink your pork orange juice like the good non-protesting citizen that you are supposed to be!

You have been unprotestingly consuming pig DNA every single day since before you were even born. If you are like most sheeple, you didn’t once get upset about it or sued anybody or pumped your stomach. So why get upset over a bit of chocolate now? What, you didn’t know? Well, now that you know smoking is haram, are you gonna quit?

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Email 敬语


在英文信件中,常见的致意词有:Cheers, Sincerely, Regards, Best Wishes,那么很多人都有这样的疑问,英文信件最后 Cheers, Sincerely, Regards, Best Wishes 到底有什么区别?分别应该在什么语境下使用呢?


Cheers, 常用于朋友,工作团队之间,类似互相鼓励,大家说“加油”。这个词很Casual,听起来不是很职业化,不建议用在非常正式的工作场合。

Sincerely, 是比较正式的场合使用,套话,真诚的,用于推荐信,辞职信,求职信,以及其他正式文书等。

Regards, 大致像“此致敬礼”的感觉。

Best wishes/warm wishes,友好而亲切的慰问感觉,适用于朋友之间,亲朋之间的问候。



There are some slight differences in connotations of each letter ending. I'll order them in increasing formality.
Love 爱你
Very personal. Used between lovers, family and close friends.

Cheers 谢谢/再见
Very casual. Used between friends. Can be used between coworkers if you want to appear very casual, at the risk of sounding unprofessional.

Take care 保重
Casual and used between friends.

Thanks or Thank You 谢谢
'Thanks' is very casual and 'Thank You' is formal. Usually used in a business setting. 'Thank You' is a great way to end an email to a stranger, especially if you are making a request or asking a question.
“Thanks”是一种比较随便的表达方式,“Thank you”则显得比较正式。两者通常在商务场合中使用。此外,当你需要给不认识的人写信,尤其是当你需要向对方发出请求或询问问题的时候,“Thank you”就非常合适用来作为结尾语。

Yours or Yours Truly or Truly 敬启/谨启
Casual or Business casual. A more personal, but still polite way to end the letter. You've probably met the recipient in real life.

Best or Best Wishes祝好
Casual or Business casual. A polite way to end the letter. Can be used between friends or strangers.

Sincerely or Sincerely Yours or Yours Sincerely谨致问候
Casual, Business casual or Formal. The standard letter ending. 'Sincerely' is the most versatile ending because it can be used to end either casual or formal correspondence. If you're unsure about how to sign your letter, use 'Sincerely'.

Regards or Best Regards致敬
Business casual or formal. You would use this if the recipient is someone you haven't met in real life.

Formal. Used in business correspondence when the topic of the letter is serious. Sometimes used if there is a conflict between the sender and the recipient.

Using an ending that is too casual for the situation may not always be inappropriate. Conversely, using a casual ending can show your self-confidence. But to do this requires you to gauge whether the recipient would like a more casual conversation.

It is my pleasure to write here for you.

Further to our conversation earlier, .........
As discussed over the phone, .......
Thanks for you kind reply.
Thank you for your inquiry/email.
Thanks for your letter. It is my pleasure to receive your reply!
Thanks for your mail of 日期............

We will noted and many thanks!
I hope everything with you is fine.
Many thanks for your support.
I hope you are well and in good health!
FYI: for your information 仅供参考

(1) We hope to receive your favors at early date.
(2) We hope to be favored with a reply with the least delay.
(3) We await good news with patience.
(4) We hope to receive a favorable reply per return mail.
(5) We await the favor of your early (prompt) reply.
(6) A prompt reply would greatly oblige us.
(7) We trust you will favor us with an early (prompt) reply.
(8) We trust that you will reply us immediately.
(9) We should be obliged by your early (prompt) reply.
(10) Will you please reply without delay what your wishes are in this matter?
(11) Will you kindly inform us immediately what you wish us to do?
(12) We request you to inform us of your decision by return of post.
(13) We are waiting (anxious to receive) your early reply.
(14) We should appreciate an early reply.
(15) We thank you for the courtesy to your early attention.
(16) We hope to receive your reply with the least possible delay.
(17) Kindly reply at your earliest convenience.
(18) Please send your reply by the earliest delivery.
(19) Please send your reply by messenger.
(20) Please reply immediately.
(21) Please favor us with your reply as early as possible.
(22) Please write to us by tonight's mail, without fail.
(23) May we remind you that we are awaiting your early reply?
(24) May we request the favor of your early reply?
(25) A prompt reply would help us greatly.
(26) A prompt reply will greatly oblige us.
(27) Your prompt reply would be greatly appreciated.
(28) Your prompt attention to this matter would be greatly esteemed.
(29) We look forward to receiving your early reply.
(30) As the matter is urgent, an early reply will reply.
(31) We reply on receiving your reply by return of post.
(32) We request you to accept our warmest thanks for the anticipated favor.
(33) We thank you in advance for the anticipated favor.

(1) We await your reply by fax.
(2) Please fax reply to fax this morning.
(3) We are anxiously awaiting your reply by fax.
(4) Please arrange for your fax reply, or long distance call, to reach us before noon Monday.
(5) Fax reply immediately.
(6) Please acknowledge by fax the receipt of these instructions.
(7) Please do not fail to fax your reply immediately on receipt of this letter.
(8) Please fax your decision without delay as we have offers waiting.
(9) Oblige us by replying by fax before noon tomorrow, as we have another offer.
(10) Inform us by fax of your lowest quotations.
(11) Fax in time for us to write you in reply by 7 pm mail.
(12) Fax me from Osaka before noon stating your telephone number.
(13) Kindly reply me by wire.

承蒙贵公司重视, 感谢之至
(1) Please accept our thanks for your usual kind attention.
(2) Please accept our thanks for the trouble you have taken.
(3) We are obliged to you for your kind attention in this matter.
(4) We are greatly obliged for your trial order just received.
(5) We wish to assure you of your appreciation of your courtesy in this matter.
(6) We thank you for your order just received.
(7) We thank you for the special care you have given to the matter.
(8) We tender you our sincere thanks for your generous treatment of us in this affair.
(9) Allow us to thank you for the kindness extended to us.
(10) We are very sensible of your friendly services on our behalf,for which please accept our sincere thanks.

回函迟误, 请见谅
(1) Please excuse my late reply to your very friendly letter of March 1.
(2) I hope you will forgive me for not having written you for so long.
(3) I hope you will excuse me for not having replied to you until today.
(4) I humbly apologize to you for my delay in answering your kind letter of May 5.
(5) I have to (must) apologize you for not answering your letter in time.

(1) We assure you of our best services at all times.
(2) We shall spare no efforts in endeavoring to be of service to you.
(3) We shall be pleased to be of service to you at all times.

(1) We hope you will pardon us for troubling you.
(2) We regret the trouble we are causing you.
(3) I regret the trouble it caused you.
(4) We trust you will excuse us for this inconvenience.
(5) We wish to crave your kind forbearance for this trouble.
(6) We solicit your forbearance for such an annoyance.
(7) Kindly excuse me for troubling you in this matter.

对此错误, 谨致歉意, 务请原谅
(1) Please excuse this clerical error.
(2) We tender you our apology for the inconvenience this error may have caused you.
(3) We request you to accept our regret for the error of our clerk.
(4) We greatly regret that we have caused you such an inconvenience.
(5) We wish to express our regret for the annoyance this mistake has caused you.
(6) We frankly admit we were at fault and we are anxious to repair the consequences.

(1) We solicit a continuance of your valued favors.
(2) We solicit a continuance of your confidence and support.
(3) We hope we may receive your further favors.
(4) We hope to receive a continuance of your kind patronage.
(5) We request you to favors us with a continuance of your kind support.
(6) We solicit a continuance of your kind patronage.

(1) It would give us great pleasure to render you a similar service should an opportunity occur.
(2) We wish to reciprocate the goodwill.
(3) We shall on a similar occasion be pleased to reciprocate.
(4) We hope to be able to reciprocate your good offices on a similar occasion.
(5) We are always ready to render you such of similar services.
(6) We shall at all times be willing to reciprocate such of similar favors.
(7) We shall be happy to have an opportunity of reciprocating to you on a similar occasion.

1. Initiate a meeting 发起会议
I would like to hold a meeting this afternoon about our development planning for project A.
I suggest we have a call tonight at 9:30pm (GMT +8) with Brown. Please let me know if the time is okay for you and Ben.
We'd like to have the meeting on Thu Oct 30. Same time.
Let's make a meeting next Monday at 5:30 PM SLC time.
I want to have a teleconference with you regarding issues about report development and the XX project.

2. Seeking for more information/feedbacks/suggestions 咨询信息/反馈/建议
Shall you have any problem accessing the folders, please let me know.
Thank you and look forward to having your opinion on the estimation and schedule.
Look forward to your feedbacks and suggestions soon.
What is your opinion on the schedule and next steps we proposed?
What do you think about this?
Feel free to give your comments.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Please contact me if you have any questions.
Your comments and suggestions are welcome!
Please let me know what you think?
Do you have any idea about this?
It would be nice if you could provide a bit more information on the user's behavior.
At your convenience, I would really appreciate you looking into this case/matter/issue.

3. Give feedback 意见反馈
Please see comments below.
My answers are in blue below.
I have added some comments to the document for your reference.

4. Attachment 附件
I enclose the evaluation report for your reference.
Attached please find today's meeting notes.
Attachment is the design document, please review.
For other known issues related to individual features, please see attached release notes.

5. Point listing 列表
Today we would like to finish following tasks by the end of day:1…….2…….
Some known issues in this release:1…….2…….
Our team here reviewed the newest SCM policy and has following concerns:1…….2…….
Here are some more questions/issues for your team:1…….2…….
The current status is as following: 1……2……
目前数据如下: 1……2……
Some items need your attention:1…….2…….

6. Raise question 提出问题
I have some questions about the report XX-XXX
For the assignment ABC, I have the following questions:…

7. Proposal 提议
For the next step of platform implementation, I am proposing…
I suggest we can have a weekly project meeting over the phone call in the near future.
Achievo team suggest to adopt option A to solve outstanding issue……

8. Thanks note 感谢信
Thank you so much for the cooperation感谢你的合作!
I really appreciate the effort you all made for this sudden and tight project.
Thanks for your attention!
Your kind assistance on this are very much appreciated.
Really appreciate your help!

9. Apology 道歉
I sincerely apologize for this misunderstanding!
I apologize for the late asking but we want to make sure the correctness of our implementation ASAP.

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90% Of People Can't Pronounce This Whole Poem. You Have To Try It.

If you can pronounce correctly every word in this poem, you will be speaking English better than 90% of the native English speakers in the world.

After trying the verses, a Frenchman said he’d prefer six months of hard labor to reading six lines aloud.

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世界很可怕,有時就算睡覺也擺脫不了恐懼。惡夢是人類普遍的困境,據估計2~6%的人每周至少做一次惡夢。蒙特利爾大學夢與惡夢實驗室指出 青少年是惡夢高發年齡,學前兒童和老年人惡夢較少,女性惡夢要比男性多。雖然做惡夢是非常不爽的,但夢境學家越來越確定惡夢是一種潛意識的情緒規劃,在夜 晚驅趕你的緊張與惶恐。讓我們一起來看看最常見的10種惡夢及它們說傳遞的訊息吧!

1. 失足
常見的十種噩夢及含義根據煎蛋網報導,每個人都曾夢到過因各種原因被迫跌落,那種失重感是那麼的逼真。那麼首先要告訴你個好消息:那些『如果你夢到自己從高處跌落摔到地上,那麼 意味著你在現實生活中將要死去』的謠言是假的!你有沒有試過馬上就要睡著的時候,突然有種要下墜的感覺?一些科學家認為這是由於血壓變化所導致的,就好像 你不經意間滑倒一樣。雖然知道這個結果好像對當下也沒什麼用,但知道事情的真相可以讓『解夢』更加合理化。跌落的夢境通常被解釋為:對失控的恐懼、情緒的 失衡等等。還有一種進化論的解釋:下墜夢境是人類作為靈長類動物的重要殘留證據。

2. 追逐
常見的十種噩夢及含義佛洛伊德認為這種夢境代表了特定的性恐懼:對男性來說是閹割,對女性來說是強姦。不過弗洛伊德那一套已經被廣泛拋棄了,因為他把一切都歸結為性。更多的現代 解釋認為追逐夢暗喻了不安全感,你自己的不安全感或周圍環境的不安全感,或者與未解決的內疚有關。還有一些解釋認為那些在夢里追逐你的東西就你自己還沒有 接受的東西。

3. 全裸
常見的十種噩夢及含義在 夢鄉裡一切都ok啦,大象在大街上遊蕩,你準備在老師和貓咪陪審團面前做展示,然後你發現,啊,沒穿衣服!對於這種裸夢,一般有兩種解釋。一是被曝光的恐 懼,有些你不想被大家看到的東西公之於眾了。另一種解釋是自卑,好像每個人都能透過表面看穿你的弱點一樣。然而,如果夢裡沒人發現你是裸的,那麼這個夢是 在告訴你你白害怕了,你的擔心在現實中不會發生的。

4. 受傷
常見的十種噩夢及含義在 夢境中受傷跟你清醒時感覺到的弱項有關。如果是一個自傷的夢,意味著你害怕自己會妨礙自身利益。如果是別人傷害你,可能意味著你覺得你要被炒魷魚了。如果 你在夢中成功防守,阻止了傷害,那麼這可能是一個好的提示,說明你有能力解決哪些困擾著你的事物。要是在夢裡你很疼,可能腦子裡聯想的是以前曾經經歷過的 疼痛,或者是代表了情感的傷害。

5. 掉牙

6. 迷路
常見的十種噩夢及含義還 記得潛意識喜歡雙關嗎?它有時候也是會喜歡俗套的解釋。夢到迷路一般反映就是一種迷失的感覺。然而你是怎麼迷路的這一點很重要,如果在夢裡你的靈魂飄到一 個陌生的地方,那麼意味著你不確定自己想要什麼,下不了決定。如果你只是在森林裡或陌生的城市裡迷路,那就說明你遇到了瓶頸,生活中的某個方面沒有進展。

7. 被困

8. 考試

9. 死亡

10. 背叛

Friday, May 23, 2014





  1. 樂觀:例如和志同道合登山隊登山大家談天說地嘻嘻哈哈。
  2. 補氧:登山會喘氣且滿身流汗乃最佳的補氧及排毒運動,藉由灌氧,皺縮的細胞癌可像氣球打氧一樣,膨脹回來,成為正常細胞。
  3. 偏素食:五榖雜糧加蔬菜可改成鹼性體質及排毒。





檸檬(破壞12種癌細胞:包括結腸癌、乳腺癌、前列腺癌、肺癌和胰腺癌…)、地瓜(排毒最佳)、大蒜(治胃癌)、黃豆(治子宮頸癌)、金針菇(治子宮頸癌)、菜花(治胰腺癌)、菠菜(治肺癌)、茭白(治腸癌)、海帶(治乳腺癌)、蘆筍(治皮膚癌)、花椰菜(治膀胱癌)、毛豆(治乳癌)、蔓越莓(治乳癌)、開心果(防肺癌)、熟番茄(治攝護腺癌)、蘑菇(治肝癌,但含重金屬傷腎,每月最多可以吃 200g )、














人坐在椅子上時, 每次呼吸進的空氣才半公升,只用了肺臟的十二分之一,李豐說,「就像一個人有一棟十二個房間的房子,可是每天忙碌出外工作,回到家裡來,就只用到臥室。」要用到肺臟的每一個部分(提供充分的氧氣),唯一的方法就是在空氣好的地方勤加運動喘氣(例如爬山)。

C. 愉快的心情

前台大醫學院博士班第一名畢業的台大名醫,在用核磁共振掃瞄器檢查完他的病人後,他看機器還是開著,於是對準自己的肝臟來順便替自己做個掃瞄,結果發現他的肝臟中生有一個腫瘤(潘朵拉的盒子被打開),於是在驚嚇之餘很自然的按照西醫的一般程序做切片與其他化療等,結果無法心情放輕鬆, 只活三個月,他就過逝了。我在彰中同學的哥哥念台大醫學系五年級讀到肺癌篇時,發現他咳嗽的情形似肺癌,檢查果然是肺癌(打開潘朵拉盒),治療半年就英年早逝了。

事實上,即使打開了潘朵拉盒,像前101董事長陳敏薰、歸化台灣籍的律師文魯彬(肺癌)、30多年前得絕症淋巴癌的台大李豊 醫師及罹患3期肺癌,開刀時發現腫瘤已轉移,被宣告只剩幾個月生命的吳永志醫師均採用前述三要訣治癌成功,其中最重要的仍在愉快的心情。

罹患3期肺癌的吳永志醫師採用生機飲食(吃90%全生和10%煮熟的食物),他每天喝6大杯以蕃茄、胡蘿蔔、紅色甜菜根為主打成的 500cc 蔬果汁,以大量蔬果類為主食,可以強化免疫系統,1天排便3次,改變飲食及生活作息才半年,腫瘤即消失無蹤。吳永志說,以每分鐘3萬轉以上的果汁機打汁即可將蔬果的纖維和種子裡所含有「植物生化素」牽釋出,可抗氧化、消除自由基。


前行政院大陸委員會主委蘇起透露,一九九一年健檢時發現 八公分大的肝癌,也是由他的主播夫人陳月卿用每分鐘3萬轉以上的果汁機打出植物生化素,神奇地治好蘇起的肝癌。

台大病理科醫生李豐 女士 罹患過淋巴癌。同病的,或輾轉病榻,或早死了;她卻能夠好好地活著。




她有兩段名言:「 人在高興時,細胞很圓潤,就像十八歲的年輕人;人在生氣時,細胞就像八十歲的老頭,皺皺縮縮的!








Wednesday, May 21, 2014



蛙泳配合有一個順口溜,在講解蛙泳動作要領之前先介紹給大家:“劃手腿不動,收手再收腿,先伸胳膊後蹬腿,併攏伸直漂一會兒。”從順口溜中可以看到,手的動作是先於腿的動作。一定要在收手後再收腿,伸手後再蹬腿。 '



2、內劃。掌心由外轉向內,手帶動小 臂加速內劃,手由下向上並在胸前併攏(手高肘低、肘在肩下),前伸。

3、前伸。雙手向前伸(肘關節伸直)。 要提醒大家注意的是:外劃是放鬆的,內劃 是用力的、加速完成的、前伸是積極的。





3.夾蹬水:實際上是腿伸直的過程(屈髖、伸膝), 由腰腹和大腿同時發力,以小腿和腳內側同時蹬夾水,先是向外、向後、向下,然後是向內、向上方蹬水, 就像畫半個圓圈。 向外蹬水和向內夾水是連續完成的,也就是連蹬帶夾。蹬夾水完成時雙腿併攏伸直,雙腳內轉,腳尖相對。蹬水的速度不要過猛,要由慢到快地加速蹬水,兩條腿將 近伸直併攏的時候蹬水速度最快。



游泳是全身運動,任 何一個部位的活動都離不開全身的協調配合。從表面上看,自由泳依靠劃水和打腿產生推進力,實際上,軀幹的作用也不能忽視。首先,軀幹 應保持一定的緊張度,腰部如果鬆軟,整個人就像一攤泥一樣。其次,身體的轉動能夠有效地發揮軀幹部大肌肉群的力量,減少阻力,提高工作效果。-  自由泳的完整配合有多種形式。一般常見的是每劃水2次,打水6次,呼吸1次。 '


2、入水後,手、肘、肩繼續前伸,使手臂伸展。隨著身體的轉動,屈腕、屈肘,手臂向 外、後方抓水; 手下劃到最低點後,旋轉手臂向內、上、後方劃水,保持高肘屈臂的劃水姿勢。

3、手臂與水平面垂直時,經手領先,加速推水,手臂轉為向外、向 上和身後劃水直到大腿側,提肘出水。 4、出水後,手臂自然、放鬆地經空中向前移臂,保持高肘姿勢。然後手在肩前領先入水,開始下一個動作。



單臂打水劃臂動作是初學者應該重點練習的動作。如此圖,左臂劃水,那麼可以右臂扶板。一般腿打水10產次左右,手臂劃水一次。掌握到一定程度的時候可以加上呼吸練習。具體組數以及練習方法,我們會在教學中詳細介紹。 腿部鞭狀打水:-  


2、向 上打水腿從直到彎。以直腿開始向上打,腳接近水面時屈膝,小腿上抬,使腳牚露出水面後向下打水。開始可直腿打水,但腿略放鬆,不要僵硬,在水的壓力下腿會 自然彎曲。向下打水前膝關節彎曲角度約130-160度,打水幅度約為30-40釐米。打水時要繃腳(芭蕾腳),不要勾腳。



2、如果以頭的位置為鐘錶12 點,兩手的入水點在11點和1點的位置。手入水後先直臂下劃。


4、兩臂劃水配合採用中交叉方式, 即兩臂始終處於相反的位置,一臂劃水時,另一臂移臂。

5、頭部保持穩定沒有左右擺動。 '-


2、保持 水準的身體姿勢,軀幹和肩隨手臂動作圍繞縱軸轉動,始終有一肩不露出水面。

3、一般每劃水2次,腿打水6次,呼吸1次。-  4、兩腿交替做鞭狀上下打水。向上 打水要快而有力,腳略內旋並繃直,向下打水時腿和腳自然放鬆。







2、入水後,肩、肘前伸,兩手沿曲線向外、後、下方抓水。兩手分開到肩寬時,屈肘,加速劃 水。


4、呼吸與劃水的配 合也是蝶泳技術的關鍵。手臂結束向內劃水時,頭露出水面吸氣,移臂時頭還原入水。記住兩個“之前”,即頭在手出水前出水,在手入水前入水。


2、劃水出水後,手臂在肩的帶動下經空中向前移 臂,準備入水、移臂一般以低、平、放鬆的姿勢從兩側前移。-  3、蝶泳的身體姿勢掌握比較難,同時鞭狀打水也不易掌握。在蝶泳學習的時候,我們會有專門的分解 練習讓您逐步掌握運作。



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72 Facts That Will Teach You A Damn Thing For Once In Your Life

1. Chocolate milk was invented in Ireland.

2. You can’t breathe and swallow at the same time.

3. The girlfriend of the guy who founded left him for a man she met on

4. This is what it looks like when a star meets a black hole:
72 Facts That Will Teach You A Damn Thing For Once In Your Life

5. Ketchup used to be sold as medicine.

6. The oldest person on Earth was born closer to the signing of the United States Constitution than to now.

7. Also, when the oldest person on Earth was born, there was a completely different set of people on the planet.

8. Coconuts kill more people than sharks every year. So do cows.

9. German is the second most spoken language in North Dakota.

10. Norway once knighted a penguin.
(The penguin’s full name is Colonel-in-Chief Sir Nils Olav.) Reuters

11. The official state VEGETABLE of Oklahoma is the watermelon. 

12. The official Space Jam website has not changed since 1996.

13. A day on the planet Venus is longer than a year on Venus.

14. If you are in a room with 23 people, there’s more than a 50% chance that two of the people have the same birthday.

15. A TI-83 calculator has six times more processing power than the computer that landed Apollo 11 on the moon.

16. This is what an eclipse on Earth looks like from space:

17. Cambridge University is older than the Aztec and Inca empires.

18. And Harvard University was founded before calculus was derived.

19. George Washington was 48 years old when Beethoven was born.

20. The last veteran of the American Civil War died in 1959, long enough to see the atomic bomb dropped in Japan.

21. There are more ways to shuffle a deck of cards than there are atoms on Earth.

22. 111,111,111 × 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321.

23. Cows have best friends and they tend to spend most of their time together.

24. Horses cannot breath through their mouths.

25. The names of Popeye’s four nephews are Pipeye, Peepeye, Pupeye, and Poopeye.

26. In the ’60s, Australia lost a prime minister and could not find him. He disappeared and was never found.

27. If you folded a piece of paper 42 times, it would reach to the moon.

28. Light roast coffees have more caffeine than dark roasts.

29. There is a basketball court on the top floor of the U.S. Supreme Court Building. It’s known as the “highest court in the land.

30. A pig’s orgasm can last for 30 minutes.

31. The day of his assassination, Martin Luther King Jr. got in a pillow fight in his hotel room.

32. New York City is further south than Rome, Italy.

33. Scotland is as far north as Alaska is.

34. Not only is Reno, Nev., west of Los Angeles, but so are six state capitals.

35. If you’re in Detroit and you walk south, the first country you’ll enter will be Canada.

36. A “butt load” is an actual unit of measurement, equivalent to 126 gallons. 

37. There are more people living inside this circle than outside of it:

38. France is the country with the most time zones in the world — more than the U.S. or Russia.

39. There is less time between the existence of the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the existence of humans than there was between the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Stegosaurus.

40. Crocodiles are more closely related to birds than to lizards.

41. Africa is bigger than the United States, China, India, Spain, France, and several other countries combined.
42. Butterflies taste with their feet.

43. A jiffy is an actual unit of time, not just an expression. It’s equal to 33.3564 picoseconds.

44. The lint that collects in the bottom of your pockets has a name — gnurr.

45. A cubic inch of bone is about four times as strong as concrete.

46. You can get a rough estimate of the temperature by counting the number of times a cricket chirps in 15 seconds, then adding 37.

47. There are more lakes in Canada than in the rest of the world combined.

48. The feeling you get when something is so cute you can’t help but want to squeeze it is called “cute aggression.

49. “Will Will Smith smith?” and “Will Smith will smith” are sentences that make complete sense.

50. There are more public libraries than McDonald’s in the U.S. 

51. The voices of Yoda and Miss Piggy were done by the same person.

52. AOL still earns more than $100 million every few months from dial-up subscribers.

53. There are more tigers living in Texas than in the rest of the world.

54. This is how a ladybug flies:
72 Facts That Will Teach You A Damn Thing For Once In Your Life

55. It’s possible to sail a boat from Pakistan to Russia if you sail in a completely straight line.

56. On average, astronauts are two inches taller in space.

57. Shakespeare and Pocahontas were alive at the same time.

58. And Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln were born on the same day.

59. There are some trees alive today that were alive before the pyramids were built.

60. Air Force One is not the name of a specific plane, but the name of any plane carrying the president.

61. Ohio is the only U.S. state that doesn’t share any letters with the word “mackerel.”

62. When you yawn and stretch at the time, you are “pandiculating.”

63. It’s impossible to hum while holding your nose.

64. The current American flag was designed by a 17-year-old as a class project. He received a B-.

65. Wombat poop is square. 

66. Albino snails exist:

67. The United States is an older country than Germany.

68. The Mongolian navy consists of seven people and one boat.

69. There is enough iron in your body to make a 2-inch nail.

70. When you receive a kidney transplant, instead of the affected kidney being removed, it’s left in and a third one is put in your pelvis.

71. One million seconds is 11 days. One billion seconds is 33 years. A billion is a lot.

72. And, just in case you forgot, the brain named itself.