Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sg Gabai Waterfall

Went there with my group of friends(7). It's near "small genting" area but it took around 1hour+ to reach there from "small genting" up the hill, down the hill pass few pekan/kampung, the road bengkang-bengkok... I think it's more near to Kajang area as i c sign board xxKM to Kajang.

Some of the ppl we inquiry tell us we should go by pheonix plaza highway pass the 70sen toll, but Dly is the only one who know the way there & he only know going there from "small genting" area & we are aready in "small genting" area there no way for us to turn back & waste our time.

It's such a long journey, look like we are going outstation -_-" It took us 2hours++ to get there. We lost our way, stop & askin for direction, blablabla.... The path toward the water fall was sooo smalll that barely 2 cars can pass and it was a two-ways road.

One of my friend gone angry/mad as usual due to the long journal drive and other unknown reasons.. We are use to it, as usual we have our specialist (Mr.Hen) to due with him :)

There were so many ppl when we reached, mostly malay (90%) We have to climb stepssss with all the foods/drinks/cloths to reach to the resting area (middle) of the waterfall where the water is much more clearer. My legs were so to tiring and pain when I reach the top, is around 100+ steps i think -_-" with different height...

The enviroment was very good although has lots of ppl there, the water was clear & cool, too bad no fishes there (maybe it have but i dint c any) Feelin so good lying down on the rock where the water keep on flowing down cleasing our body.

Up above we can see bamboo stick & leaf filling up the sky (Feeling like we are in the movie scene of "Cruching Tiger Hidden Dragon" and "Hero"). Feel so natural with the voice of the jungle + water.. so relaxing :)

It's a good place for relaxing after a long week of work...

We when for makan "ikan bakar" near there on the way back. The enviroment was so special/traditional where we eat on top of the fish pond (pondok), they have small pondok house on the ground too but it was too small to fit us all. Just a little comment, the place was so old (not dirty, but more to natural) where the pondok was full of spider net :p The fish is very fresh, we order 2 fishes "Talaphia" & "Patin", goreng sotong(4pax) & a plate of vege "KaiLan". The "Talaphia" have a little "mud" smell, luckily it was only 1kg fish & the "patin" taste so good (2.2kg) and it only coz us RM75+ for 7 ppl, kinda cheap, right?

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