Thursday, September 8, 2005

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

My friend and I only go for the movie after it was on screen for few weeks. Since this movie does not catch our attention (kid's movie) We just wait till we are able to use the UOB buy one free one ticket (around 2weeks later)
We though the buy1 free1 promo was expired last month (original expired date was end of the year, but UOB/GSC extended it), luckily I saw the notice on GSC counter, saying that the voucher is valid till end of this month. If not we will miss the promo offer. Guess that many ppl complain about their last minute change of the expire date.

My friend subcribe to the credit card just fo the ticket voucherss, now he already cancelled the CC -_-" what a typical chinese man LOL hahaha dont angry la... u know who am I talkin if u r in my group, if not just ask me lo... :p

The movie is just as expected "kid's movie" nth really interested, but it do have some joke scene but averall i'll give it a 2.1/2 stars movie. If is good if u cant find any othere movie to view & u got time & of coz $$ to waste too...

Overall Rating: C

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