Tuesday, October 22, 2013

This Is Why China Power Banks Are So Cheap

Spotted an amazing deal for a high capacity power bank at a really cheap price? Be warned!
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Nowadays, you can find a lot of power banks claimed to have charge capacity as high as 12000mAh, 18000mAh, 20000mAh, or even higher, selling at the Internet stores. If they are unbranded and selling at a very cheap price, you need to be alerted before placing your order.

Your China-bought power bank could be filled with sand

There aren't even enough sand to build a sand castle!

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A citizen of Taiwan recently bought a powerbank (made ​​by companies in Shenzhen, China) with a very large capacity, it’s 24,000 mAh at a very cheap price. When it’s used to charge a cell phone, it’s fail. Needless to say, the device above is actually a fake with the enclosure being packed with sands. That little cylinder next to the PCB board is the actual battery. From the looks of it, it'll probably be less than 2400mAh.

OR it could be filled with mismatched batteries

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This picture is said to be taken from a newly purchased cheap power bank, opened up for inspection. Note that the colour of the 6 Li-Ion batteries are all different, which is very unlikely if they are manufactured from the same batch.

Also note that the soldering point is rusted and shows sign of multiple re-soldering. There is also leftover glue on the surface. Genuine power bank uses either lithium-polymer battery cell or lithium ion battery

The battery type used in PowerBank might be in different from one to another. It could be a high-end Lithium-Polymer battery cell or Lithium-Ion battery.

This is what the inside of a genuine power bank should look like

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It can also come in cylindrical lithium-ion cells
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