Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Maid 女佣

Watch this movie with a large group 'P' friendss... (13ppls including 4couples, almost everyone have a profile in ax) Suppose to watch at mid night (more feel/scary), but due to tiring we watched at 9.50pm then we went PLU cafe for a drink.

Beside the movie, I enjoy the "alt movie" beside me where ppls closed his eyes + screaming sound LOL . Feel scary in the beginning, but after a while when the maid found out that the dead body in the drum, everything seem so boring after that.
Few weird scene appear in the movie that i don't know wat's the purpose or not logic at all....
  1. The Scorpions
    Y it appear on screen? moreover it's so huge -_-" no function at all, just shoot the 2 scorpion moving then that's all, its not scary at all -_- OR just director's pet to show off he rare these scorpion???

  2. The Shadow
    From the movie the coffin delivery driver just say it will make the person very bad luck if the shadow of the coffin touch that person, but how come the maid 'wati' gone crazy & jump down from building after that ?_? She been sitting there a while b4 jumping but no ppl stop her ?_?

  3. The Killer
    The maid 'Mum' standing in the middle of road for quite a while.. y can't the driver stop the car or at least 'Honk' b4 knocking her? The driver should have more then enough time to do these action!! OR it is b'coz the driver is Singaporean drive ?_?

  4. The Ghost
    Last but not least.. i wonder how the ghost survive under the sun light in the morning & afternoon ?_? i never hear ppl saw "these thing" during daylight... "the ghost" in this movie surprisingly strong & powerful -_-"

Conclusion: Bad movie, not worst seeing it but it worth seeing the one beside u with all sort of action LOL

Overall Rating: C-

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