Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Top10 London (Borders); Herbie: Fully Loaded (BTS); Jln Alor

Woke up late in the afternoon since its holiday, & I din't go any places to countdown but I'm still stayin late yesterday night watching my DVDs'collection of Jurassic Park :p

Went t to Times Square's Border with Dly whole evening doing research, bought few travel books (London) & Programming book. Not much travellin book wriiten in Chinese, even for English subtitle, we only manage to find 3books on Myanmar -_-"

We're sitting there (chair/floor) whole day as we browse through the travel books on London & Myanmar b4 buyin it. I found out the best travel book was from the publisher 'DK' & 'National Geographic'. Since 'DK' series are more up to date (re-printed on 2005 ) I bought a the 'DK' handbook 'Top10-London' (cheaper, smaller in size & easier to carry). The travel books on both publishers dint really intro much on those xxx place/pub, anyway I've make enough note from others publisher :p

While Dly only found few travel books on Myanmar with wordings only -_-" no pix at all o.O, of course he dint bought it since it's not written in Chinese (preferred) and not picture.

We went for the movie on 6:50pm (bought the tickets earlier when we reach there - no discount on wed coz it's holiday), the cinema was so pack even that the 1st rows was full -_-" but this was the only time it showing for the whole day, the movie is quite ok & funny too, those racing driver look good too :p Too bad that they only appear for a while :(

After movie we go over Jln. Alor to have our dinner after buying some PC stuff at Low Yat. I order rice with pork meet, so funny that they give me a "big bowl" with rice & meet inside & chopstick to eat -_-" I though they suppose to serve on plate? or use a small bowl to used with chopstick ?_?

Overall Rating: B

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