Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Merdeka Eve

Today is Merdeka Eve, and it is already pass 8pm and yet I'm still in the office alone doing my work, in the mean time waiting for my friends come over for dinner, he's still workin till now too :p

Dly giving me excuse not to meet me tonight due to traffic jam.... He suppose to meet up his X, but due to his X got OT till 8pm++ they cancelled the meetup. Seem meeting X more important? I think i should go find my X too :p

What else can I say? One word to desc all "boring". Anyway I doesn't like crowed place too. I know Atmosphere, LQ, PLU cafe have event and function goin on, but I'm not a clubbing guy moreover I'm alone (interm of soul). ps. most of them in my group of friends do not enjoy clubbing too :)

Since I will be goin over to Time Square's Border tomolo for some travel research on books with Dly. I'm going London this coming Sept & Myanmar end of the year or maybe begining of next year with Dly & maybe my group of friends (still in the process of plannin) plus we have to wait till 'MARTA' fair, till now I'm just focus on my next month London + Spain business & backpacking tour.

The song sing by Akon "Lonely, I'm so lonely, I'm nobody for my own........." best describe my emotion feeling now

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