Saturday, August 27, 2005

Kelana Jaya Swimming Pool (Kelana Jaya); Studio23 Satay (Ampang); NewWay K (Cheras)

Went swimming with Dly in the afternoon around 4pm (session closed at 5pm) Enterance fees @RM4, expensive? There was a notice saying that the enterance fees increased on 1st August.

This the first time I went there, it has been long time I din't go for swimming since....err.... last year?? I'm only able to swim few laps, due to poor stamina, guess I dint excersice for quite some time, huh?? hmm... It's time for me rebuilt my stamina.

Not really like the pool coz it's not deep enough but it's good for Dly since he dont swim well. Many ppls over there with all type of races, malays, indian, chinese. I prefer Chin Woo's pool more as mostly Chinese there (I'm abit racist) Beside that, as I can recall most of them are pro swimmer. I enjoy seeing them swimming too :p Din't go there for almost 2 years since my last break off with my X.

After that we take a short walk in the park then straight to Ampang for dinner (opposite Flamingo Hotel) where Dly highly recommend it. Its call Station 23 if not mistaken. We meet his friend there. Hmm....satay ... i though the best was in Kajang?? Suprisingly the satay there was so delicious until we over ordered and wasted 2 satay sticks, not eaten :(

Later on, we went to look for my friend yam cha near Miharja condo. Dly's friend have a sudden plan of K session, since Dly wanted to meet his friendss (actually my friend in that group too, what a small small world) that long time no meet & I din't sing K on that place b4 & Jer "Song God" is goin too, so we decided to go.

To my disappointed, NewWay has too little songs to choose from as most of my favourite songs was not listed, I more prefer RedBox. We sing till late night and went back around 4am but our friends still continue their singin since 4hours ago -_-" paying @RM39 each.

I need to sleep early for the following days inorder to make my 'black eyes' disappear, it look so ugly :(

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