Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Bewitched (1U); Hakka Rest (1U)

Dint really wan to watch these type of movie coz it look boring. Dly wanted to watch it so desperate make me no choice, luckily we have a deal later on where if there is any more of "these" kind of movie, he'll watch it with his friends, not me.

Nothing much to complain or praise about the movie coz i'm not lookin at screen most of the time as the movie was so dull. Got the same feeling as few year back where i watch LOTR-2Towers "alone" with 2tickets on the day b4 CNY (chap go mei) where my X fly me aeroplane...... again in one word, sien....

We when makan b4 the show in Hakka restorant?? (beside Kenny Rogers) around that name :p

That was the first & last time me & my friends ever eat there!! The foods suck.... The rice look uncooked -_-" and the mee, wow, so damn small, I dont even think it can fill up my younger nephew (3yo) stomach... The price is still resonable but the food, no way!

Overall Rating: D

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