Wednesday, July 16, 2014

欺负老人家的CDM25女主人 Lady Loses Her Mind Over Fender-Bender In Kuantan

Road bully women shouting and hiting old man's car in a minor accident in Kuantan.

一名驾驶轿车的女司机气愤爱车与人发生小碰撞,竟然在众目睽睽的情况下,嚣张的手持驾驶盘的附加锁失控敲打白发司机的汽车,还不断高声狂叫 “ Pay Me Now 2000

In case the movie is deleted:

Wan to know more about this Crazy Kiki?

Peugeot Club Malaysia come out with a announcement on the same day

and Digi come out with

New 2014 movie.. coming soon...

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