Wednesday, December 13, 2006



三年感情如眨眼般的快,说认识蛮深又说不上,可如最熟悉的陌生人。不知为何有时会无端端地想念他,反而见到后却不想跟他聊起来甚至看到他。总觉得他很 "假" ,是我太介意,还是我还没放下?或如电影蓝宇中的一句话 "当两个人太熟,就不好意思在一起了"?




Monday, October 16, 2006

Summarized I

It has been a while since my last post, too bz with my work & have to attend so many function. Why do all ppl have choose these timing to have their wedding, birthday celebration.... blablabla and now holidays is coming.

Maybe I'll update some Journal later of the day :) Din't really watch much movies for the pass few months as there were no good movie to watch, beside that I have no time for the writtin, maybe I just do a summarized of all movies that I had watched over the pass weeks/mths but not posted yet (some of the movies were not listed as I've forgotten the name/date)

John Tucker Must Die (15/10 TimesSq.)
Overall Rating: A (handsome actor)

My Super EX-Girlfriend (27/09 1U-GSC)
Overall Rating: C+ (very unlogic)

The Devil Wears Prada
Overall Rating: B- (more for a women/girl/rich ppl movie)

Ghost Game
Overall Rating: B+ (not that scary, but got handsome actor)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bad Luck Day :/

What can I say? Got car accident today this morning, bang/knock back of Hyundai Matrix, his butt is dented but no damage for my front, there goes my RM450 for his car repair....

Haizz..... bad day, bad luck, jom go buy TOTO hope can get strike

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Pirates Of The Carribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest (1U-GSC)

Watch it without Dly, since caught Dengi fever. The movie is worst than expected. Those funny scene taht suppose to make u laugh kinda bore.

The length of the movie was a bit too long, feelin the director trying to drag the storyline. Although the movie have linkage from the first espisode but I just can't remember much of it, almost remember nothing!!

The 1st episode was too long ago & is not a movie that touch ur heart or something that u will remember, more on those see & forget type of movie. The worst part is u have to watch the 3rd espisode to knows the ending, I dont think I'll watch it in cinema.

In my opinion, it just not a good movie. Nowonder it was TOP5 on one of the worst/lame movie of the year!!!

Overall Rating: C-

Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Dorm (1U-GSC)

Watch it with my group of friends, a sudden plan again as they want to watch it b4 'ghost' month but they wanna watch it at mid night?? Very contra thinkin, isnt it ?_?

Went there after 'pasar malam' trip in cheras. Actually from KL area just went to cheras makan dinner than went back to PJ c movie...... kinda stupid right ?_?

Someone even from USJ -> KL -> Cheras-> PJ... haha u know who :p The movie is not that scary, but more alike touching story. The two kids quite handsome too. Wonder how they look like when they r older :p

The cons, have to look at the subtitle most of the time (thai movie) if not sure will miss out some scene part.

Overall Rating: B+