Saturday, September 3, 2005

Gay & Lesbian Guide to Europe (Kinokuniya)

Went KLCC with Dly to meet his friend to discuss about the trip to Myanmar. We go there by LRT from Kelana Jaya, Dly car parked near his friend house there (PJ) while my car park in front of Dly house (Klang) -_-"

Suppose to go swimming, but due to the time concern, the planned has been postponed.

Talking about travel by LRT, I still remember few years back when I took LRT to tuition centre when I was still in secondary school. Wow that was 6years++ ago since my last usage of LRT -_-"

Too our disappointed, not much traveler guides there too, but they do offer more title to choose from :p To my suprise I found some interesting book (refer to tile) Hmmm.... I never know they sell it in Malaysia, at least not in big bookstore. The infromation provide are really helpful since i'm going London this mth. hehehe.... XD

Dly bought a travel guide to Myanmar in English version as they don't have Chinese version either, those available are not complete, as it's mixed with other countries (Asian)

When we pay at the counter (seperate) the sale/counter girl told us that we can get 20% discount on the travel book if we bought another things (book/pen) So I "tumpang" my book together with his, and you probably can guess it, the sale girl have a strange eye on us LOL.

Since mine was also a "travel" book I get 20% discount too XD Wonder why they din't put any sign/notice on the 20% discount? Shouldn't that will attract more customers?

We eat at A&W for breakfast+lunch(brunch)+dinner & refill the drink more then 4 times LOL b4 we went doing our research, reach KJ LRT around 10:30pm and we have our supper (satay) near there, wat they call 'big long kang' area in KJ. I reached home around 12:15am from Klang, and learn a new route that can bypass the RM1 toll XD

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