Friday, August 26, 2005

Min's Kitchen (Cheras)

Go for gathering as usual with my group of friends, opposite "Bu Yea Tian" hawker center in cheras. Our group become quite a big group later on from 6ppls --> 12ppls

Actually we've been lookin for this place since one of the PLU cafe's owner intro us, only found out the location recently where one of my younger god bro stayin just above (condo) there -_-"

The enviroment there was good, nice lady boss too, as we get free foodss :) The foods is ok, nth much to complain about except for the pricing, that are quite expensive, beverage price is still acceptable.

The sky was not that good as it rain whole night. Can't c the planet MARS as planned haizzzz hope tomorrow it will be a clear sky :)

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